Lost Heart

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Lost Heart

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:22 am

Thank you all for coming to BlackKnight Warrior's lost part.
This as been the missing part for the blog and it brings everything together.
This is a new 'game' I created for you guys, with thanks to the help of forumotion.
Here you will create your own warrior cat and live as they would.
Hunting, fighting, Gatherings, leaf-bares, and SO much more!
Firstly though, you have to actually create a warrior cat.
You can go go my blog at blackknightwarriors.weekly.com and under MORE... there is Create Your Warrior.
And when you press that it brings you to a website where you can create your warrior.
If you are unable to reach my site go to the link under.
Then to find out your warrior name go to my blog again and scroll down to my post called FINDING YOUR KNIGHTNAME.
Your KnightName is also your username on my blog for posting and Warrior Quests.
There will also be a chat room for you guys to just talk and have fun.
I so hope you warriors enjoy this, and thank you for joining.
Adios Amigos!


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